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DNG Media is the largest independent publisher and printer of newspapers in Dumfries and Galloway with over 36,000 newspapers printed, circulated and distributed every week.

The Company publishes and prints the paid titles of the Annandale Series – Annandale Herald, Annandale Observer and the Moffat News as well as Dumfries Courier a free newspaper which is distributed directly into Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Dalbeattie, Thornhill and surrounding communities.

The company has local type setting, design and printing. This means that we can offer a comprehensive local service that meets clients’ needs and that we offer realistic later deadlines and flexibility for our clients, as well as providing a comprehensive audience for their businesses through our range of publications.

Other company activities include newspaper printing, design and type setting and more specialist publications.

Newspaper Headings

Bryan Armstrong 01461 202417 extension 214
Steve Matthew 01461 20417 extension 230
Staff Photographer:
01461 202417 option 6
Advertising Sales
Graeme MacGregor 01461 202417 extension 220
Director of Sales:
01461 202417 option 0
General sales enquiries:
01461 202417 option 5
01461 202417 option 8
Accounts department:
01461 202417 option 9
Distribution (Dumfries Courier):
01461 202417 option 8
Circulation (Annandale Observer, Ananndale Herald, Moffat News)
01461 202417 option 7
Prepress and production:
Brian Johnstone 01461 202417 extension 229
Production Supervisor:

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Registered Office:
96, High St,
DG12 6EJ

Company No: SC62879

To call us, please contact reception on 01461 202078.

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